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This is no doubt an amazing time in your life. You've found love and commitment, and it has you all up in your feels. You two are about to embark on marriage and I couldn't honestly be more excited for you both. Photographing, or documenting as I like to say, your wedding day is my artistic passion. Capturing those glimpses of your day, for the two of you to reflect on and share as a memorial of the confessions that lead to your family together fuels my lamps oil. I would be honored to be YOUR wedding photographer, to be invited in to tell YOUR story through my lens. Because to do so is my gift and my purpose. Allow me to share your story like no one else can.

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Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

(for the detailed bride)

Q: How much do your charge to photograph weddings?
A: This depends on what you'd like for your day. Click here for wedding pricing.

Q: Are you available for our wedding day?
A: You can find our booked wedding dates here. If your date isn't listed then we're likely available. Inquire soon!

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: 19+ years

Q: Do you travel?
A: Yes. In fact, most of our weddings and/or clients are not local to Raleigh, NC. We've photographed weddings throughout the United States and abroad.

Q: How many weddings have you shot?
A: Several hundred!

Q: Are you really the best wedding photographer in Raleigh?
A: I'd say we are very good at what we do. (OK, I'm being modest. You really should just book my team now!) I'd point you to the 100+ raving reviews from couples who were in your position not too long ago.

Q: Have you done many that were similar to mine in size and style? We will likely have between 250 and 300 guests.
A: Many, many times. I also photograph more intimate weddings, handling either appropriately.

Q: How would you describe your working style?
A: Client first, helpful, and discrete.

Q: What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?
A: What I look for during the day and how I photograph it distinguishes me from all other photographers. My wedding day preparation and execution is unparalleled. I encourage you to read over my client's reviews.

Q: Are all of the images in your online portfolio yours, and is the work recent?
A: Absolutely and yes: Our portfolio is made up mostly of images from this past wedding season.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?
A: I'm a member of Nikon's Profession Services. I use professional Nikon equipment, along with Profoto lighting at appropriate parts of the day. That said, the professional line of Sony cameras have me very intrigued!

Q: Do you shoot in color or black & white?
A: I capture digital images in raw form, which is developed in either color or B&W. If I'm shooting film, I often have one camera loaded with color film, and another with B&W.

Q: Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?
A: It's your wedding day. Absolutely.

Q: Can you put together a slideshow of the engagement session (along with other photos we provide) and show it during the cocktail hour?
A: Yes

Q: What about an “instant” slideshow of the ceremony?
A: Yes, that too!

Q: What information do I need to provide you before the wedding day?
A: After completing the booking process, we'll finalize the wedding preparation questionnaire and wedding day photography timeline.

Q: Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding? If so, will you have any assistants with you on that day?
A: Yes, unless you explicitly select an Associate Photographer. I prefer to photograph with my team, which includes a 2nd shooter and photo assistant.

Q: Do you have backup equipment? What about a backup plan if you (or my scheduled photographer) are unable to shoot my wedding for some reason?
A: Absolutely. My 2nd shooter steps in as the lead photographer if anything happens to me. My photo assistant becomes the 2nd shooter.

Q: Are you photographing other events on the same day as mine?
A: No

Q: How will you (and your assistants) be dressed?
A: Like wedding guest. I wear a suit and tie.

Q: Is it okay if other people take photos while you’re taking photos?
A: I don't prefer it, but it happens. If it interferes with our ability to capture your day, we'll politely let your guest know.

Q: What type of album designs do you offer? Do you provide any assistance in creating an album?
A: We only offer custom designed wedding album. You may even select a "Photographer's Edit," and we'll deliver a wedding album to you within two months of your wedding day!

Q: Do you also shoot video or have any recommendations?
A: Yes, I have recommendations.

Q: Do you provide retouching, color adjustment or other corrective services?
A: Yes

Q: How long after the wedding will I get the proofs? Will they be viewable online? On a CD?
A: You'll receive your full resolution downloadable images and online gallery within four weeks of your wedding day.

Q: How much of a deposit do you require? Do you offer a payment plan?
A: You have the option to pay in installments of one-third increments. The retainer that secures your wedding date is the first one-third of the total balance due. The second payment is due four months before your wedding day. Last payment is due two weeks before the wedding day.

Q: What is your refund/cancellation policy?
A: If you cancel our agreement, the retainer is forfeited by the client.

Q: Do you have liability insurance?
A: Yes Now a question for you: After reviewing these questions & answers above, why haven't you scheduled your wedding photography consultation yet :)

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