I had the greatest time providing Sarah P Duke Gardens engagement photography for Randol + Patricia.  Just when I thought that I was a nice guy, Randol has proven that I have a ways to go!  I think it is truly awesome when two seriously kind and caring people find each other, and provide one another with exactly what the other person gives.  Yeah, Randol + Patricia are one sweet couple.  We met at the In His Image Photography studio to discuss wedding photography and I couldn’t have been more excited when they made their choice for wedding photographers.  I looked forward to meeting with them again, at which time we’d have their engagement session at Duke Gardens.  I hope you enjoy viewing their session as much Randol + Patricia (and myself) enjoyed having the session.

Sarah P Duke Gardens Engagement Photography

Individual images from Randol + Patricia’s engagement session

 Sarah P Duke Gardens Engagement Photos

Share with us how you two met:
Randol and Patricia met at Barton College in Wilson, NC. Patricia was a freshman coming in to start pre-season for soccer. Randol, a sophomore at the time, was getting ready to start pre-season for soccer as well. At “move in” day at Barton College Patricia stepped onto an elevator where she first saw and met Randol. They soon became friends and eventually fell in love…and the rest is history…

Sarah P Duke Gardens Engagement Pictures

Tell us about your proposal:
Randol is a soccer coach for the WYSA. He had told Patricia that he had a soccer tournament near Charlotte, NC on an upcoming Saturday. Randol asked Patricia to come along to keep him company for the weekend to cheer his team on. She agreed and they set off towards Charlotte that afternoon. As they were approaching Charlotte, Randol took an exit which leads to back roads and more back roads. As they came to a stop in front of a large field, Patricia asked if they were lost and if they needed to call for directions. Randol just smiled and told her to get out of the car. They started to walk towards a couple and their van that was in the middle of the field. As they got close Patricia saw that the couple was getting ready to blow up a hot air balloon! And was she shocked! As they flew in the air, Randol popped the question on one knee. It was the best day ever!

Sarah P Duke Gardens Engagement Photography

How / why did you choose your engagement session location?
Randol and I wanted to take engagement pictures in an outside environment because we enjoy the outdoors so much. North Carolina can be the most beautiful place during the springtime, with all of the different types of flowers blooming and everything being so colorful. We asked Dajuan where a good location would be that would show North Carolina’s natural beauty. Dajuan knew exactly where to take us, and we are so glad that we chose the Sarah P Duke Gardens for our special day.

Engagement Photography at Sarah P Duke Gardens

Did you enjoy your engagement session?
Randol and I truly enjoyed our engagement session. We were a little nervous at first but quickly became very comfortable with Dajuan’s calm demeanor. It was so nice to see all of the beautiful flowers and nature trails.

Fun Engagement Photo Sarah P Duke Gardens

Anything else you’d like to share?
We truly appreciate everything that was done in order to take these photos. We definitely stayed past our engagement session time, and Dajuan did not rush us in the slightest. All of our engagement pictures looked totally nature, which is what we were hoping for.

Sarah P Duke Gardens Wedding Photography

Any feedback you’d like to leave for our studio (anything at all)?
Thank you again for a wonderful day. Thank you for taking your time and not rushing our session. We appreciate the quick replies to all of our emails and having all of our questions answers. As soon as I placed my order for the digital copy of the engagement photos, I received immediate notification that it was shipped the next day. Thank you again for everything, we really had a great time.

Sarah P Duke Gardens Photography

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