Duke Gardens Engagement Photos | Jamaal & Crystal

Just days after shooting Jamaal & Crystal’s Duke Gardens engagement photos, I learned that Sarah P. Duke Gardens is using one of my images to promote their venue in The Knot!  This is a wonderful affirmation to have such a well recognized establishment use my work to promote their location.  Every time I shoot there, I’m able to create images that are beautiful and unique from my previous engagement sessions.  Today’s preview gallery of Jamaal & Crystal’s Duke Garden engagement photos are just that: beautiful and unique.

You could say the  uniqueness of Jamaal & Crystal began with how I met them.  It was Jamaal, not Crystal, who suggested they meet with me to discuss their wedding day.  Such consultations are important to determine whether or not a photographer is a good fit for you wedding day.  The majority of the time, I find that the bride is leading this effort, and rarely does the groom accompany her.  Grooms take notice: It’s your wedding too!  During the consultation we talked about everything from how they met, to independent recording artist.  By the time the consultation was over I was convinced that Jamaal is a pretty cool guy and was seriously looking forward to photographing their wedding.

During the consultation, I learned that they already had engagement photos and Crystal wasn’t much interested in a bridal portrait.  I was crushed.  Just a little.  I mean, can’t we get photographically acquainted before the big day?  Well, to my surprise Jamaal later inquired about an engagement session.  Did I mention how cool Crystal’s fiance is?  With that, we headed off to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens and made some beautiful engagement photos.  Sit back, press play, and enjoy their preview gallery slideshow.

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos

You won’t want to skip the above slideshow.  Not only because I took the time to prepare it, or that I prefer them.  The slideshow contains many of my favorite images from their engagement session.  Below I’ve included several more images to share how much fun Jamaal + Crystal had during the engagement photo session.

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos 1

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos 2

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos 3

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos 4

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos 5

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos 6

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos 7

Duke Gardens Engagement Photos 8

Now it’s your turn.  If you enjoyed what you’ve seen, let Jamaal + Crystal know by leaving a comment, hitting the facebook like button, tweeting or re-tweeting their engagement session, etc.  Or, if you’d like to meet with me for your very own engagement session, contact our studio by clicking here.  You’ll be glad you did!

P.S. I need to thank Edna of Designs that Dazzle for bringing the Sarah P. Duke Gardens ad in The Knot to my attention!

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