Barclay Villa Bridal Portraiture | Corianna

Featured Barclay Villa Bridal Portraiture

Last week Will + Corianna’s Barclay Villa wedding was published exclusively by MunaLuchi Bride Magazine! This week we remove the veil on Cori’s Barclay Villa bridal portrait session. Bridal portrait is my favorite genre of photographic portraiture because it allows me to work with the bride in preparation for her wedding day. This cannot be accomplished or replicated in the same way during the engagement session. And it serves of somewhat of a dress rehearsal for the bride in advance of her wedding day, which very often is an eye opener for the bride. Even with a limited amount of time, we were able to create some beautiful images in advance of Will + Cori’s wedding day. Here’s a few …

Barclay Villa Bridal Portraiture (7)

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Garden on Millbrook Wedding | Dwayne + Leslie

Garden on Millbrook wedding (21)

When I met Dwayne + Leslie at our residential studio for the consultation, I felt like I already knew them. We all attended NC State University, but we didn’t cross paths there. But the feeling of familiarity continued nonetheless which resulted in an awesome wedding day experience. They wedded at St. Matthews Baptist Church with a Garden on Millbrook wedding reception. It’s hard to believe that this was my first time photographing at the Garden on Millbrook. What’s not hard to believe is the sincere love between Dwayne + Leslie. Just look at how she’s looking at him during their nuptials. She loves her some him (and vice versa)! There is so much more to see and read. Celebrate their wedding day all over again, and enjoy!

Garden on Millbrook wedding (22)  

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Engagement Photos in Durham | Patrick + Crystal

Engagement photos in Durham

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to capture engagement photos in Durham for Patrick + Crystal. Often these portrait sessions have a mixture of ‘getting to know you’ under currents. I’m typically trying to learn as much as I can about the couple in preparation for photographing their wedding day. In turn, the couple is often feeling their way through being photographed professionally as a couple. Sometimes they are dealing with that slightly nervous feeling you get when someone is watching you, but only this time you know exactly who it is. Well, this time it was a little bit different. You see, I went into this session knowing that I couldn’t photograph their wedding day. I was already booked for the date they shared with me. Even though I wasn’t available for their wedding day, they still asked if I’d photograph their engagement session. We moved quickly because this was a mini session. During our time, I learned that they had moved their wedding date after they originally contacted me, but I was just finding out about it. We were having a great time, with wonderful chemistry. Yet inside I’m trying to recall if I was already booked for their new date. However that didn’t matter much because they had already secured a different photographer. In addition to some personality reflective styled images, I left wondering how did I let the opportunity to photograph the wedding of this awesome couple slip by me. Well, I do have a few fun images from their session to share with you. And after you have a glance at this, be sure to see Crystal’s Duke Chapel bridal portraits we captured as well.

Engagement Photos in Durham

Share with us how you two met:
Patrick and I met in college in 2008. We both were members of a thriving student organization on campus which we were both passionate about. He was the president at the time and therefore was very busy and well known across the campus. We has seen each other in passing on occasion, but never spoke to one another. Spring of 2008, a mutual friend had a passing in his family and we both planned to attend the funeral. As president, Patrick organized a carpool to take a few members, me being on of them. After a long drive back which consisted of bonding and talking, I insisted that he text me to ensure that he arrived home safe. Ever since then, the text messages never stopped! Our friendship suddenly grew into a more serious state. June 2008, we made it official and we dated for six years!

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Barclay Villa Wedding | Chris + Courtney

Barclay Villa wedding

Please join me in honoring marriage with Chris + Courtney who are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary today! And of course I have a few images highlighting their Barclay Villa wedding. Salute! Barclay Villa Wedding Barclay Villa Wedding Click here to see more Barclay Villa Weddings we’ve photographed over the years.  

Howard University School of Law Wedding | Courtney + Chablis

Munaluchi Bride

The moment when style and substance collide, beautiful images soon follow!  When Chablis contacted me and informed me that she came across our images on Munaluchi Bride’s website, I had this awesome feeling that comes with finding your ideal client.  Courtney + Chablis planned their day to wed at Howard University’s School of Law Dunbarton … Read more

SkyView on Hay wedding | Tony + LaQuondra

Fayetteville Wedding Photographer at SkyView on Hay

Have you ever created your own sunshine on a rainy day?  That’s just what comes to mind as I look back over Tony + La’Quondra’s SkyView on Hay wedding photos.  As weather had us quickly moving from our original plan A, to plan B, and then C, La’Quondra smiled, and then I smiled because this day was going to be beautiful regardless of forecast.

Fayetteville Wedding Photographer at SkyView on Hay


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Bridal Portraiture | La’Quondra

As many of you know, I absolutely love bridal portraiture.  And during this time of the year, brides are able to accessorize in ways that remind me of my upstate New York upbringing.  I love the shah that La’Quondra’s father brought to her during her Fayetteville bridal portrait session!  We photographed this session a week before the ceremony took place.  Up until that time I had only talked with La’Quondra and her mother over the phone.  Although I consider Fayetteville local to me, we have a high percentage of clients who book us without meeting with us face to face.  So this portrait sessions was a bit of an introduction for all of us prior to the wedding ceremony.  Mr & Mrs King were so excited to see Quon in her wedding gown.  Their baby girl was having her wedding ceremony in just a few days!  I’ve chosen a few of my favorites from her session to share with you today.  I’ll share the wedding ceremony at the SkyView on Hay in Fayetteville, NC in a few weeks!  In the meantime, enjoy the images from Quon’s bridal portrait session.

Bridal Portrait Wedding Photographer Fayetteville (1)

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Junius Lindsay Vineyard Wedding | Josh + Natalie

Vineyard Weddings in North Carolina (4)

Junius Lindsay Vineyard Wedding

It’s mid December, but I have some end of summer sunshine to share with the interweb. You may recall Josh + Natalie from their really unique engagement session. Now we have images from their beautiful wedding which took place at Junius Lindsay Vineyard. I really love photographing in new locations, and to my surprise we couldn’t find a single wedding published at this North Carolina vineyard. Uncovering this gorgeous venue was just one of many unique elements which made their wedding day so amazing. Every decision reflected on who they are, as well as who & what is important to them. Read more on this below as Natalie shares insights from the bride.

Vineyard Weddings in North Carolina (4)

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St. Mark’s Chapel | Mordecai Historic Park Wedding | Keith + Kaija

St. Mark’s Chapel | Mordecai Historic Park

I’ve had the pleasure of documenting some truly beautiful weddings this year.  Their beauty goes far beyond sunshine and blue skies.  As nice as that is, the radiance of a bride and her adoring groom far eclipse that.  When you see it, you know it’s true and special.  It’s like the confirmation of a special day.  Such was the case with Keith + Kaija who wedded at St. Mark’s Chapel on the grounds of Mordecai Historic Park.  In the brief time I was afforded with them, I was quickly able to see the beauty of their wedding day.  And, it was all about them.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer (2)

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Bridal Beauty Portraiture | Dominique

Bridal Beauty Portraiture (1)

It’s Veteran’s Day, and I couldn’t think of a better time to share a special project we pulled together in preparation for a wedding magazine promotional.  You see, Dominique is a Sergeant in the US Army.  In fact, she informed me that she’s a Drill Sergeant.  Impressed?  You should be.  Dominique recently tied the knot with Anthony which allows me to lift the veil on a little something different in bridal portraiture.  I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t intending to shoot in the studio this day, but I’m oh so glad that we did.  The result is a fusion of beauty + bridal portraiture.

Bridal Beauty Portraiture (1)

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